Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Drives in East Tennessee

What a pretty day for a drive. Destination: Rogersville, TN

Lunch: The Dairy Dream (not just any ol dream)

Order here

Or here

From here.

They do have a few rules, though, like:
-No smoking at the window.
-No cell phones at the window (is it because of all the gas-forming foods?)
-When ordering, please SPEAK UP so we can hear you!
-only ONE packet of sauce with chicken tenders (underlined and bold on the sign)
-and best of all :

Where it's fun to be hungry - as long as you're a rule-follower :)

Oh, I almost forgot!

I'd give it a half star above average. Not bad, but definitely have had better.
The drive and the entertainment was so worth it, though.
When we first arrived, we were the only ones there.
Then came 4 tables full of people, who chose to surround us instead of spreading out
to other areas. And they all
Good Times!


Jessica Washburn said...

Ha, ha, ha. That' funny they had to pick the tables right next to you. :) Love how that happens at the movies. We'll get there early, the theater is empty and a few people come in and want to sit in the chair in front of me (that I happen to have my feet on). :) Really people?? Thanks for the comment good to meet you.

-Jessica Washburn


patty said...

sounds.... east tn-ish! :)