Saturday, November 5, 2011

Things You May Not Know About Pro Football Games

 Most people who know me, know that although I enjoy looking at the coaches, I'm not a huge fan of football. I tolerate it. Because the only other choice is sitting in the corner - alone - on my Saturdays off work, missing all activities related to Fall that I don't want to do alone...anyway, that's not why we're here. * Sniff.*

We are here so that I can tell you a few things you may not know about football, just in case you get the urge to buy some expensive tickets for your man for his birthday, and have an excuse to see your baby who moved thousands of miles away (ok, it's only a couple hundred, but it's just as bad).

Here's sweet child o'mine with his nachos his momma bought him...*sigh*

First of all, I want you to observe 2 things about this photo:

1. Those tall buildings in the background - one of those is the AT&T building. My "smart phone" is powered by their signal. I had none, the entire game. 'Nuff said.

2. Do not sit on the East side of the stadium if it's an afternoon game. Luckily the sun went down by kickoff, but it was close (and blinding). Next time, when I get tickets, I'll know - no wait, next time, I'll be in my living room, in my recliner, in the shade - with my own bathroom in case my bladder shrinks.

 3. No matter how cool you think THE WAVE is, your man just might sit there and look at you like you have lost your mind (it's not church, it's a game, it's what we do)!

4. Speaking of church, there's more stand-up sit down than a Sunday morning Methodist church service. I'm pretty sure our row could have won the small bladder/big prostate NFL fan award.

 5. Pearls are acceptable.
6. And/or thongs.

Now, don't you feel more prepared for your next football game? I'm so glad I could share these moments with you (oh - and if that's you in the thong, there's no charge for copies of the photo since you provided more entertainment for those around us than the game did).


gradydoctor said...

Super funny! But don't you just love Nashville, though? I love that town!

Jessica Washburn said...

I love NFL games. Our friends were with the Vikings (Offensive coordinator), but he is now with the Seahawks. I'm trying to get on board, but I guess I'm still kind of greiving the Vikings. It's like a parent who forces you to break up with your boyfriend. :)