Friday, October 5, 2012

Round Mountain Campground and Picnic Area

A few miles from where my parents live in Del Rio, Tennessee, is a little treasure the locals have managed to keep to themselves. I have great memories of Sunday afternoon picnics and birthday celebrations in this little campground/picnic area at the top of the mountain. The view here is non-existent because of all the foliage, but you might get a peek out through the trees when the leaves fall off.
On the way up the mountain, you will see this water flowing from the side of the mountain. Over the last few years, someone has placed a PVC pipe there, making it easier to grab a drink or fill your "jug."


Mostly, you will just see many different kinds of foliage, trees, moss, and perhaps a bear or some deer. There's a small stream running through the park, which consists of a few campsites that are first come, first serve and rent for seven bucks a night (if the Ranger decides to make the trip). This is best for those who like to "rough it." No electricity available. I personally would just go up for a picnic, then keep on driving to Max Patch for a short hike.

KIMblogery: A Little Day Trip to Max Patch

Every time I go up there, I can't help but think of all those poor tourists stuck in traffic in Gatlinburg, on their way to see the leaves. May I suggest somewhere more remote, more peaceful, and waaaay less traffic?

This is a little path up to one of the camp/picnic sites. They all have a nice fire ring, lantern holders, plenty of room for parking and tents, and nice tables.
They rolled out the green carpet. As you can see, not many people come here.
A big rock-a really DUMB rock.
And most importantly - the double wide toilet.
Have a great Fall and let me know if you want to meet up for a picnic!




Anonymous said...

A nicely done travelog. Maybe you should be in the travel business. Good job.

patty said...

i agree with commentor above! :)
hve you been to midnight watering hole? exit just on the NC side of the border on I40.picnic grounds near parking, with river and bridge, hibatchi grills, bathrooms, all there. but 1 mile hike up into the mountains is a 'watering hole', full of ice cold mountain water, fresh and crisp from the river/stream. there's places where the rocks have smoothed out that can double as a water slide, and rocks to jump from into 20' deep, cristal clear water, full of river trout. love.

fyi-your link at my blog doesn't bring you here-there must be a typo? i had to search and couldn't even find you on search engine, until i remembered 'kimblogery' :)

hope you are well. we are still enjoying your fb posts-they make me smile and laugh out loud sometimes!

KimberFNP said...

Never been there, ill have to add that to my day trip list. Thanks!