Saturday, August 6, 2011

What Makes Me Happy

1. Emotional Health. When I know the ones I love are content in their circumstances, I am at peace.

2. Time with friends and family. Nothing is better than having a gathering of friends who are comfortable to just sit and chat (and have a snack and a cold drink).

3. Trying new restaurants and new recipes. Those who know me, know I'm somewhat of a foodie. I type this as I eat an entire bag of Jelly Bellies and dream of trying out a new menu at an inn in Rogersville, TN, called The Hale Springs Inn. Check them out on Facebook. (free plug)

4. Reading. Anything and everything. Except cheesy romance novels. My latest favorite novel is "A Reliable Wife." Nothing like a good psycho-romance where the  future wife, who is really a retired ho, tells her future husband she is a missionary (hence, a "reliable" wife).

5. Social media. See you on Facebook!

What makes YOU happy? Post a comment and/or link up with your blog here. Thanks for stopping by!


Sara and Sebastien said...

I love food too!! I think the best part of a traveling are the meals. As soon as I finish one meal, I am dreaming about the next. But, I am a firm believer in enjoying what you eat. I can't be rushed, or else it is pointless.

khall10909 said...

I'm not sure about you Kim, but I wasn't nearly as interested in food as a young woman as I am today. I'm happy that your interest in food makes you happy. You are a great resource when it comes to where the good food can be found!

patty said...

i love your comments on fb and i love comments on my blog! ha! :)
thanks for visiting again today~miss seeing you!

Kim Hall said...

As I was reading this blog, I thought, "I totally see all of this in Kim's post and the time we've spent together." You hit this one right on the head. an earlier blog, you mentioned wanting/needing to learn more about photography. We should convince Todd Gourley to offer a photography class that would accomodate folks of different needs and ability levels. I'd love to learn some basic skills...