Friday, October 30, 2009

Here I sit in my living room with my laptop watching the Today Show and decided to update my blog. I have been at work for 7 days straight and am beginning another week off. I love this schedule.
I have been dieting for 11 days now and have managed to stay within my calorie goals almost every day; but while working this week, I have not made enough efforts to work out like I should. This week contained some long days and I found plenty of excuses. I tried to work out in the mornings but the one day I did that I only made it 15 minutes, I was so weak and sluggish every move seemed like a chore. I could blame my facebook addiction, but if it weren't that, I'd find another excuse. I just hate exercise. I don't mind it so bad while I'm doing it, it's the getting started part that's hard. I did make it one time in the evening and did 40 minutes of weight loss yoga, and that felt great. The last week before I went back to work, I made it to a class at the gym and Patty, the awesome instructor, was kind enough to stay and do the workout even though I was the only one who showed up. In my heart I was hoping she would just cancel it and I could get on the treadmill, but NO! It was a step aerobics class and she wore me out - even though I spent half the time marching in place. She did cut it short, THANK GOODNESS, but I still had a great workout and my calves were sore for days.
I am trying to put together a hiking club of sorts. Most of the clubs that are out there are hard core hikers who go every weekend and backpack and I just don't feel like I'd be up to their standards. I am recruiting some facebook friends and acquaintances to join me on an occasional hike, which will likely involve a picnic, so not sure how much weight loss will occur as a result of these hikes, but building friendships and fellowship will surely be worth it. Our first one is planned for Tuesday to Clingman's Dome and I think Selina mentioned the Chimneys. Sounds like a good day to me, and I hope you can join us.

Hope you have a wonderful day!
p.s. please check out the blogs I am following on the left side of the page. The first one at the top is a cousin of my friend, Vivian. He is in the army in Afghanistan and his blog is much more interesting than mine...


jeaninelong said...

Oh, Kim you make me feel guilty! It’s been tooooooo long since I have blogged. It's been toooooo long since I dieted. And I don’t even remember the last time I exercised.

So, maybe today I will start. Well, not the exercise stuff. And I'd diet if there wasn't a half a cheese cake in the frig. Hum... maybe tonight I will blog!

If you plan one of those mini hikes (with picnic lunch) in GA I might just take you up on that :-)


kimber said...

Georgia sounds like a great place to go for a hike. How far is the drive?

jeaninelong said...

From there, it's about 8 hours to where I live. But I am in the flat-lands of SW GA (35 miles north of Tallahassee, FL). But North GA is beautiful and about 3-4 hours from you. I did the Brass Town Bald hike with my boys when they were teens. It's seemed like a couple of miles straight up. But the down was worse for the old legs! It's Near Young Harris, GA.

I guess blogging will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm tired and want to go to bed too much to want to write.


Selina said...

wow I feel famous since you mentioned me in your blog :). I am looking forward to the hike, for the exercise as much as for the fellowship.