Sunday, February 28, 2010

Caregivers...often the forgotten ones

I post this today for my mom, who has become the primary caregiver for my grandmother while juggling a home and full time job...she is one of the strongest women I have ever known.

As you go through the day
often tired yet bored
Needing to be at home
with the love of your life...
Just know
Everything you do
appreciated and I'll be there soon:)


Anonymous said...

This is so lovely, and I totally relate - my mother cared faithfully for her mother for years before my Grandmother passed away in 2007. Mum did this on top of still working part time, caring for Grandkids and a ton of other things.

She's a stronger person than I'll ever be!

Thanks so much for sharing in my very new "Sunday's Share" - have a wonderful week :-)


anthony7 said...

That is beautiful.

patty said...

oh kim... this is lovely, a beautiful tribute.
glad you're linking up with cate!

kim said...

Cate, so sorry I failed to link back to your blog, I am editing today :)

Thanks so much all of you for the comments, I love it when someone actually reads what I write, LOL. I was able to go spend the night with Mamaw and let mom have the night off; unfortunately a night off means she takes the laundry to her house and does it, and goes to the grocery store, etc...LOL, no rest for the weary.