Friday, February 25, 2011

My Blog Post From One Year Ago...With Updates

Ok, so my blogger friend says to set 3 reasonable goals. Specific goals,  not generic ones like weight loss or getting healthy. Be specific. So  I'll try. I'm so hesitant because I'm afraid of failure and here I am  trying to set examples. Here goes.

1. 2010:  " My primary goal is to lose  at least 10 pounds by this time next year. That doesn't seem like a lot,  but I want to build muscle and realistically on my tall frame, losing  more than that while building muscle may not be possible for me. If more  comes off in the meantime, fine with me."

2011: I am ten pounds lighter this February than I was last January. I was actually down about 12 pounds in November, then THE HOLIDAYS. You know the rest of the story.

2. 2010:  In order to make  number one happen, my diet has to change, and before my diet can change I  have to make better choices. Before I can make better choices, I have  to PLAN what I eat and not eat on the run so much. So this goal will be  "to plan more of my meals and make a grocery list/menu weekly before  sending hubby off to the store."

2011: The planning didn't happen. I did eat at home more, ate very little fast food this year. Would have lost more had I taken my lunch to work instead of eating the most unhealthy food there is (besides fast food) - hospital food. Most days I made a conscious effort to avoid sugar, some days were better than others. We never (ok rarely) buy Little Debbie Cakes, or ice cream, but we always have a box of pringles in the cabinet. They last all week between the two of us, so I guess that's not too bad, since I COULD eat the whole thing in a single absent-minded facebook session.

3. 2010: " The third thing that must  happen is consistent exercise. My goal here is to increase strength and  flexibility (and to look better in jeans wouldn't hurt either).  I will  start with weight training two times a week and at least one day of  swimming (because I enjoy it, and I don't enjoy much other stuff). This  is the realistic goal. Now for the unrealistic part, I hope to  incorporate occasional pilates/yoga in there. I have some home workouts I  can do and hopefully on my weeks off I can make it to the gym to a  class or two. See that sounds vague, but based on my history, I don't  know how to commit."

2011: Didn't happen. I am not stronger and definitely not more flexible. My workouts this year were very random, unplanned, too short, too far between, and very little sweat was lost.  I would say I averaged once or twice a week, and that's only some weeks. Granted, there were periods of time in there where I was consistent for a few weeks but then something would happen and I'd fall off the wagon again.  I have started putting exercise on a to-do list on my iPhone and it seems to be helping, because I hate to have things left on my list at the end of the day. I get bored easily, and have to mix it up. In January,I discovered that I really can/do sweat. I've been pushing myself harder when I do work out, because I know it's likely to be a while before I get around to again. And I like exercising at home because I can work out in my pajamas and not worry about fixing my hair. Sometimes, on my days off, I am still in my pj's after lunch. So sue me.

Looking back,  I have to say that diet is so important, because honestly, that's the only thing that has consistently been better than the year before.
New goal for 2011: Repeat #1, 2, and 3, and get them right this time.

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