Monday, March 7, 2011

Climb That Mountain!

As the crooked road winds

around the bend

so does love.

The way to happiness is never 

easy or straight,

but it sure 

is fun navigating those curves

and pulling those hills

of life.

And as you

continue the climb

to the top of 

that mountain

just know

that every curve, pothole and

ditch that you encounter

along the way

has been and will be 

a part of who you are

and who your children are

and their children after them.

And the view

Is Breathtaking at the top!

Happy 44th Anniversary

Mom and Dad

Love You


Polly said...

beautiful words and photos! Wow, 44 years, that is something to celebrate!!

patty said...

kim-beautiful photos, true words!! sometimes i think we complain too much about the potholes, when really, we should be giving thanks.
love 2u