Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspiration of a Nurse

You had no idea

When you came into the room

of the 21 year old new mom

that you were making a lasting

(and horrible)


Is that what caring is about? She thought.

No choices for the wounded, 

Must get the work done

No matter how much it hurts her.
Oblivious to the pain, 

Physical mostly, but now emotional, too.

All because you had to get it done "now,"

And clock out on time.

 Little did you know, 

the result of your ice cold exterior -

and her Horrible Patient Experience

Would take her from Patient

To Professional Caregiver

Who has never forgotten.


emily wierenga said...

oh friend, this convicted me hard. i am such a 'doer'... how i long to just sit and be with my children and husband. thank you for this gripping reminder.

Carrie Burtt said...

We can all learn from this example of what not to your blog Kimberly! :-)

Kath said...

Kimberly, it's amazing how experiences shape us and teach us what is really important. Thanks for sharing this. (And lovely to meet you)

patty said...

bravo. good work, miss kim.