Saturday, November 5, 2011

Priceless Wedding Memories

She was a tall slim hot grocery store cashier

With a tan (picture it, I know you can).

Admiring his baby blue eyes that matched his tie.

He was a grocery store "manager"

Admiring her tight blue polyester pants and

Her loose red plaid button front top as he placed the "milk in the bag, please"

For the grumpy old lady. Then another grumpy old lady

(on her way to the "I'm better than you are, you sinner who works on Sunday, church.")

Who fell down after she snapped "fine thank you" when he inquired "how are you today, Ma'am?"

( whatever makes your skirt fly up (it did))

They both laughed when she left (after helping her up of course);

Secretly at first, then out loud. And still, 23 years later,

That moment brings smiles.

Then there was Jennifer...

The Match-Maker!

She said to the lady "he wants your number,"

She said to the man, "here, she wanted you to have her number." 

He called, finally. Multiple phone calls and letters led to

Afternoon date, pizza and a gazebo.

And Whitney Houston. "I Will Always Love You."

It was April. She drove 60 miles from her college dorm room

 just to see him on his 30 minute break.


July: she was 20. He was 20-something. A ring. A loan (from her to him).

December wedding (was the plan)

Couldn't wait, too many details = stress.

It was Tuesday, over Taco Bell takeout,

She was stressed, (too many cousins and friends needing parts in the play)

He decided "let's just do it Friday."

She frantically started looking for a place for their special day.

Found a chapel ($105 which included photos), returned a long dress with a train,

Exchanged for a more simple version with no bells or whistles,

A veil ($90) that cost more than her dress ($60).

Notes on the table with all the details

Got her Dad all worried, and he waited up (on Wednesday)

"What are you doing up?" She asked at midnight.

"Waiting to see if you came  home, or if you got hitched."

"Oh, not yet, that's Friday, you're coming aren't you?"  BUSTED!

He arrived first to prepare for the night at EconoLodge...$60

She rode over with her parents, pre-wedding dinner : Hardees $15

Small ceremony...parents, siblings and one aunt.

Friday night, 9 O'clock.  Rod Run Weekend (had no idea, not big fans of loud redneck cars).

Home the next day, to their "trailer house." Parents waiting with wedding cake.

Who knew where they would be now.

How did they get from there to here?

Total Wedding Cost : Less than 400 bucks.

Crazy Love Memories: priceless.

Happy Anniversary to us! I wrote this long before our anniversary and forgot to post it on September 16th.

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Auntie Bliss said...

What a happy tale! Except for those hot rods...they can keep a sleepy girl up all night with their roaring.
I borrowed my wedding dress and just found out that the girl who loaned it to me, gave it to Goodwill years ago :/