Friday, October 5, 2012

A Little Day Trip to Max Patch

A beautiful day in October led me and a few friends to Max Patch.
Come along and see what we found. Better yet, head up there yourselves in about two weeks, it will be even more amazing.
I started with the out-of-focus picture so the rest will make me look like a pro!
Hint, don't try to do a close up with the iPhone when you have it set to zoom.

Who says Fall is without the pretty pastels we enjoy in the Spring? Not here.

Notice the strange "blooms" on this ground cover. Anyone know what it's called?

And if you get watermelons?

I love yellow flowers in the Fall!
Fuzzy little creature on the trail. I heard if it is black on one end it means a hard winter, if black on the other end it's a mild winter. What if its black on both ends? Hopefully, it means it will be a tropical winter!

The view from the top is like this for 360 degrees.

Imagine what this will look like in two weeks!

Cindy having too much fun!

Gail - said "oh, my wig!" LOL

Mom - always a lot of fun!

And Yours Truly, wishing you a wonderful Fall!


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patty said...

great photos-looks beautiful there. especially love that one of cindy-full of joy! :)