Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mamaw (86.5 years old)

She is in the hospital after a broken patella had to be repaired; it may be the end of her independence. Yesterday, when up for the first time trying to walk on her "bad leg," the therapist, whom I refer to as SARGE, was encouraging her (firmly) to take another step. I said "Mamaw, she's a seargeant, we need to send her to Iraq." Mamaw responded, despite her severe pain (and not intending to be funny I'm sure), "If I don't get any better than this, just send ME to Iraq!"

We had to laugh, followed by "bless her heart."


Michelle said...

Here's hoping for a SPEEDY recovery!!!

patty said...

yes, here's hoping to a speedy recovery! sweet post! and i love the changes! and i have SO MUCH blog reading to catch up on!! i can't believe how many posts i've found here!!! :O

looking forward to seeing you friday! :)