Sunday, February 21, 2010

Almost Priceless

Once up a time
a friend found a size ten dress
on the rack
that she thought
would look beautiful on her sister
at her daughter's wedding.

Unfortunately, the sister was a size 18.
The dress - a 10.
So she said to me, 
"Would you wear this dress 
to my daughter's wedding?"
I tried it on
perfect fit :)
and I was the most over-dressed
person at the wedding.
She said I added "class"
to her shindig by wearing the 

Three years later
Heart Gala...
Buy a new dress? Na

Lose the jacket that came
with the dress
(my 20 year old son, who only wear t-shirts, recommended losing the "mamaw jacket")
and buy a wrap for 20 bucks
at Belk.

Shoes - found in closet

$6 clearance
at Belk.

Jewelry - on sale 
at Belk.

Makeup - free
at Belk.

Hair - 
growing out (oh yes, again)
probably overdone and 
(can't take the southern or the 80's out of this blonde)

Put it all together and
this is what you 

total cost 
less than

By the way, the dress
cost my friend
I've never returned it.

Ok, Phyllis,
I think you can have it back now :)
(well maybe AFTER my cruise)

1 comment:

patty said...

and you looked divine, dahlink!! ;o

hope you had a good time; we were hardly there long enough, but longer than i thought!! see you friday!