Friday, February 26, 2010

Read All About It!!!

Reading is one my favorite things to do. I sit in front of the TV with my laptop or a book just about all the time if I'm home. If the weather is nice, I'm outside with a book in my lap (when I'm awake). When I go to bed, I have a book or my iPhone with me, where I have Kindle for iPhone and somehow seem to come across free offers on Amazon that I download just to see if they are any good and typically they turn out to be best-sellers. I have more than paid for my iPhone in free book downloads. The only problem I see with e-books is that I cannot share them with you. I have posted my WeRead list here and will attempt to keep it updated.

My next post will be a review of the book, The Crossroads Cafe. Maybe.

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patty said...

love the new look!
hope to see you later today! :)