Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Top Down Road Trip

We have been discussing motorcycles for a few years now. One year he wants one, the next year I want one, and this year we both did. We even went to the motorcycle store and "tried some on."  Fear of the other drivers won out, probably somewhat due to my experience working in the ER, and we decided against it. 

Then one day, I was just minding my own business, driving down the highway on one of those nice warm Spring days we had in March, and there she was, shiny, clean and calling me to "come back, just take a look, what could it hurt?"


Our first trip of Spring
started in Morristown (me, Jay and Pearl)
Drove up 25E then 11W north to 

Then took 70 N
to Eidson, TN

Pressman's Home

For you HOME SCHOOL MOMS, this would be a great educational trip, just Google "Pressman's Home, TN" to get some history behind this place. 

On to 

Sneedville, TN

then for some reason
I failed to take any pictures
in Thorn Hill and 
(as you can see many of my pics are blurry, taken on iPhone because bringing a better camera never crossed my mind).

 By this time, my forehead was getting sunburned, so where on earth in the middle of nowhere do you stop to buy a sun visor? Why, the Clinch Mountain Winery of course.
And yes, I bought a bottle of 
Plum Sweet Prissy
Plum Wine.
Still unopened.
Just waiting for someone to share it with.
(I bet it's "plum" good)

Visited my friend
Cindy on the way, who lives on a hill
in Washburn and has a magnificent view. I am inserting a photo here that she took, because I knew she had one
 (or twenty-seven million)...and I'll just post her picture here too while I'm at it.

We made our last stop
at the top of Clinch Mountain on
2 hot dogs $3

Days like this are what I work for. Knowing my family is healthy and happy - I'm so blessed and thankful for what I have been given. I hope you enjoyed the trip, and take one of your own soon. Call me, I'll lead the way.


imoomie said...

Great choice of wheels! What a fantastic trip!

Selina said...

One of my favorite things to do is just drive somewhere I've never been to "check" it out lol. That looked like a lot of fun :)

patty said...

so-you bought the car?? it looks so fun! and sounds like a wonderful day. i like the photo that shows you in the sideview mirror, and the one w the sun's rays best! :)

Our Comfy~ Cozy Life!!!! said...

I just found your blog...very nice! My brother lives in Nashville...we love TN!!!! I added myself as a follower...feel free to do the same! :)