Monday, June 14, 2010

Panama City 2010

Well here I sit on the balcony of this half million dollar condo, day two.

How was I to know that this bird

was not the noise-maker that woke me up at 5 am on day one? Sure sounded like an owl to me; after being told " no ma'am there is no off switch on the owl because it is just hollow plastic and doesn't make noise." ok so who knew owls and ?pigeons sound similar? I've never been awakened by a bird ( other than a rooster-maybe this was a pigeon rooster)??

And how was I supposed to know there were not humidity detectors in the room-they went off every time we left the balcony door open for more than two seconds. Got to be very annoying so I called the lovely owner and once again she informed my blond self that they do not have humidity detectors. Turns out we had two defective smoke detectors.( It's my hotness that was setting them off):).

No oil here, water was beautiful until today when we were slimed (algae?)!

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