Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blog Hopping Again

Hop on over to Southern Inspiration and join her Friday Fives. I know it's Saturday now, but it's still fun. She posts five questions and here are my answers. Let me know what your answers would be.

1. What's your favorite perfume? My favorite perfume is Bob Mackie. I don't even know if they make it anymore because I rarely wear it. I do have a 20 year old bottle of Poison that I still love. That's how often I wear it. It probably really IS poison by now.

2. What's your favorite purse? I've been into Vera Bradley purses lately. I have 3, but can't say I'm in love with any of them. I think I've spend my last dollar on Vera. Why didn't I come up with that idea? I can make a suit and sew a zipper. I can quilt. Instead, I get paid to take care of sick people. Seems purse design would be much less stress.

3. Favorite place to read? My favorite place to read is my new sunroom. Haven't started a new book yet, can't seem to stop reading blogs like this.

4. What's your favorite voice to hear on the phone?  My favorite voice to hear on the phone? Mom or dad -  Dad is usually a cheerful "WHAT's going on?" without a hello. LOL
He answers the phone by saying "yeah?"
Of course I love to hear Zak's voice but he's usually wanting to know what's for dinner. If you are not listed here, call me and I'll change my answer.

5. My favorite pair of shoes I own right now? That's a close one. I love my Adidas running shoes (I don't run but they make me walk faster I'm sure). They have been a big help to my foot pain. They look great with my Easter frock.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Cindy said...

1. I don't wear perfume...I think my sister and mother wearing Tabu every day when I was a child pretty much turned me off perfumes.

2. I like almost any purse as long as it has divided spaces for organization, all my "stuff" being in one big hole drives me nuts.

3. Favorite place to read?...outside in my lounge chair on a warm day, of course I get distracted easily and usually end up watching birds and clouds roll by.

4. My favorite voiceS would have to be my kids, they are growing up way too fast

5. Shoes! Where do I start? I love shoes, dress shoes, tennis shoes, flip flops, matters not.

patty said...

you are hysterical! i so love that you blog! {and FB}... you have ron and i asking all the time, did you see kim's status? she's a hoot! hope you're off to a good summer!

Michelle said...

I like reading much more than I ever used to, but I still can't find as much time as I'd like for it. Bummer. And don't we all wish we had much more relaxing jobs? LOL.

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Just found your blog! I envy that you are up in Tennessee and nearer to the mountains. I don't know why I am so drawn to them from afar. I live in North Florida and though I love the beach, the mountains call me harder.

patty said...

this DOES seem fun! here are my answers, short version:
1. inis (it's irish, my sister first got it for me, and it's very clean, unisex, unique scent)
2. anything, but must be small.
3. out on my back porch, feet up.
4. {my husband!}
5. flip-flops!