Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Separation Anxiety

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Drove my son and friend four hours each way.
Visited the university.
Nice campus if you like flat land, beautiful trees,
State-of-the-art media centers,
Activity centers on every corner.
Burger 'n fries $3.99 at local sports bar.
Tell me they won't drink the beer.
Or smoke the grass.
Expensive housing, but it's walking distance to classes,
And clean, and safer than other options.
Safety... Security... Priceless, right?

I've spent years preparing him to be self-sufficient, and
Encouraging him to go anywhere
In the world,
Do anything he wants to do...
But no one was preparing me.
My little boy is officially all grown up now.
Leaving the nest.
New adventures are so exciting,
Can't wait to see him soar.

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