Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chuck Norris Was Here

Is there something
I should know?
Are we in danger?

All around me
Are signs of impending danger

And words of ancient
Fighting styles

Advice on the best
Killing techniques.

Heroes in nooks and crannies
( what's a cranny?)

This is where it all started

But what worries me most
Is that somewhere out there

Is Chuck Norris

But Chuck doesn't need clothes
Clothes go Chuck shopping.

I feel safe, don't you?


patty said...

you are such a hoot... are these your son's??

anthony7 said...

A cranny is what you grandpappy answered to. Who is that in the Karate suit?

Kim said...

Jay (my husband) is second from the left (3rd degree black belt).The lady is Lola Hammer, then Jay, then Steve Hammer, and Greg Dillon. This was in our basement.

Kim said...

Patty, sorry I missed your comment and just now getting back to you. Most of the stuff was my husband's and now my son is displaying it. Okinawan Karate was once a big part of our lives around here.