Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Photography ....Send Food for the Squirrels

ISO 80  f/2.8                            The Lights are on but Nobody's Home
This photo was taken with a Kodak EasyShare camera. I have been playing around with this camera and reading up on basic photography terms before making the financial plunge for a "real camera."  I've been doing a little research of my own and found a great deal on a used Cannon 20D something something ($400) which was well under half price, plus lens and other equipment, but when I checked it out, I just thought it was too heavy and bulky for me, and figured I'd end up leaving it at home (even though the sales person felt it was the best deal in the store). I like the feel of the Nikon (D3000?) and the entry level Cannon. They will have two more coming in on Thursday and I'm gonna check those out for "feel" and probably purchase one of them.

What's your preference - Nikon or Cannon?

Linking up with Patty for Photo a la Mode. If you are interested in photography, follow her blog for instruction, or just go there and follow her because she comes up with some amazing shots!


The Avery House said...

Hey Miss Kim! Well, I started out with a Canon Rebel XTi and really loved it, but then when I got my new camera, I switched to Nikon. Both camera manufacturers are great and produce a nice camera. I switched because many of my friends had Nikons and the professional photographer who is my friend also used Nikon and could give me pointers easier. I have the Nikon D90 which is the older version of the new Nikon D7000(Edie has this one). The thing I will tell you to do that was super important to me is to get a camera that has external dials, meaning you don't have to go into your menu to set your f stops ect. It makes things much easier and a lot less frustrating. My Canon had internal settings inside the menu. You probably could get a good deal on the Nikon D90 since it was just upgraded to the D7000. It will be all the camera you could ever want and is awesome!!! Hope that helps!

Courtney said...

So exciting you are getting a new camera. they are great. I have done both and i just love nikkor lens so I tend to love the nikon over canon but my husband likes canon over nikon

on the 3100 the auto focus doesnt work on all the lens so if you want a prime lens such as the 50mm they auto wont work.

patty said...

love your shot and i'm so glad you are taking the plunge!! edie just got the d7000 and loves it, and frankly, so do i. her images are stunning without any touchups.
i'm a nikon girl, but many pros i've asked this very question say cannon... i think its kinda like nike or addidas??? ;) no real reason, one just feels better than the other.
thanks for linking, kim and can't wait to hear about the new camera!! ps: try craig's list and ebay once you've decided on a brand and model.

Kimberly said...

Ok, so I'm still putting the camera on the "back burner" for now, I'm just too busy with doing nothing (LOL, not really, but we are about to take on a huge project that will take a lot of my extra time and finances), so for now, I will be blogging with my old faithfuls and will keep enjoying your blogs and posts and photograpy lessons, so that when I do finally take the plunge, I will have a slight clue. At least I have it narrowed down.

DeLynne said...

Hey Kim i just wanted to tell you that my big girl camera is a is a D80 but it has been great for me so far. The D90 has video which i wasn't interestd in. I bought a Tamron 18-200mm lens...i can use it all the time and it has great zoom. I have been using my auto setting some but am enjoying the art of figuring out the settings to make the most of the shot! Thanks for checking out my blog and keeping up with me...i will enjoy following you in your latest adventure and when you start back with photography maybe i can help ya out!

Jeff Manes said...

I've been a Nikon user for about 30 years now. I would suggest the D3100 or D7000 out their current offerings for a starter camera. The optics are unmatched and the controls are more logical.

One note about the D3100 to keep in mind is that some dealers are selling the older non-VR kit lens to drop the cost a few dollars. If you have to spend $10-$20 for the VR, it will pay for itself in low light photos over and over.

Courtney mentioned that some lenses will not focus on the D3100, that was the reason I suggested the D7000. Or you may find Nikon corrects this issue over the next upgrade cycle on the 50mm f/1.8 lens.

pfaffman said...

I too am thinking that I might get a Real Camera. I asked my sister's photographer boyfriend, he's a Canon guy, and the other issue is whether to get a Pro camera or a "prosumer" one. The difference is that the pro cameras have a real 35mm thingy that takes the picture. Apparently that real estate makes for better pictures.

He thinks I should go for an older prosumer model.

After you decide on the camera, you have to get lenses. And real pro lenses cost $1K a pop. And you almost need two.

My inclination was to go with a generation or three old pro model, but I think I might get by with a prosumer model. And then I have to find a lens.

You should be able to get a 30D for $300 on Craig's List, says my photographe buddy. If your $400 20D has lenses and decent batteries and memory cards it could be worth it. Or he could be wrong.