Friday, April 8, 2011

Condo - Day #1

I won't bore you with posting another picture of the kitchen (yet), but we closed the loan on the condo today and, well, let's just say I'm wiped out!

Speaking of "wipe out," the water company came to turn the water on and when the gentleman turned the crank, water squirted out all over him, gave him a good face-washing. He said he needed to call in the troops. Water had been "disconnected" before. I thought it was hilarious...but then the laughter stopped.

I left to go to Lowe's (my new favorite hangout), and when I came back there was a note on the mailbox that I needed to call the water people because when they turned on the water, the meter was running in circles as if something major was happening inside with the water. I went in, found a couple of faucets open, closed them, and called the water man to come back. He was there within minutes, and once again, when he turned the crank to open the water supply to the house, his little gauge was going round and round. He said "you might want to hurry in there and see where the water is running, it's going real fast!"

So off I go to find the problem, and as soon as I open the front door I hear the ocean. I look over to my right, and water is being sprayed at a high force onto my cabinets from across the room - the water line to the refrigerator (no fridge in the spot yet) was wide open. Whew, turned that off. But wait. I still hear the ocean! Running to the back of the house, follow the sound, and find the laundry room (no washer hooked up yet) full of water and BOTH water lines are pouring water into the floor. You should have seen me trying to turn those off without getting soaked.

Not only this, but every faucet in the house was open. Not sure what that was about, unless the previous owner was upset that his water had been turned off when he was ejected from the house; or maybe he really was ejected - by a high pressure soaking.

After mopping and soaking up the water with a multitude of towels, I thought I was finished, but when Jay did his "hello condo" walk-through and opened the door to the utility room downstairs, the water had leaked from the laundry room and the floor was full of water down there, too! UGH! Back to the house we went to get more towels.

This is not what I meant when I said I wanted to live on the water. But it made a good blog story,  huh?

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Polly said...

Need towels? Sorry to hear of this mishap, hope y'all have dried out! I love the paramedic quote at the top of your blog! I'll bet there are some priceless stories paramedics could share..