Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Week Gone

Lately it seems I've spent every waking moment preparing for the future (packing, unpacking, moving furniture, cleaning, etc...), and I stop and look around and realize we have to LIVE LIFE during all this work and chaos.

We did go to Mom's for Mother's Day, and that was the most relaxing time I've had lately. After sitting around in the shade on the wrap-around porch of their mountain home my dad built, we gathered some flowers from the yard and took them to the family cemetery and placed them on my grandmother's grave (my mom's mom, who passed away just last year). She loved flowers and I always think of her when they are in bloom. I've never been one to go to the cemetary (or the "grave yard" as they call it in the mountains). However, as I get older and people closer to me are passing away, I guess I see the importance of checking on the final resting place of the body. I don't feel a presence when I'm there, because I believe the soul is in Heaven.

I'm sure I won't care what kind of flowers are on my grave, or even if I'm in the grave; I'd prefer to be cremated actually, but Jay says that is a pagan ritual so maybe that's what I deserve. Just sayin', I'm far from perfect. One thing I can say about grave yards, if you are going to buy fake flowers, at least make them look like they are natural to the area; someone had put several "bouquets" of flowers on the graves, all in a perfect staight line, and it was the tackiest thing I've ever seen. At least Mom took a tasteful wreath to place on the grave, which looked nice.

So I guess I had no point to this post, just thought I needed to catch up on blogging. To tie the beginning to the end, I suppose I could say we need to stop and smell the roses (not the fake ones) and stop being so busy that our lives pass us by, and remember that life today is just as special as our life in a month, or two years from now; we are not promised tomorrow. If someone's been on your mind, make that phone call, or better yet, go visit. Have a great week!

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