Sunday, May 22, 2011


Our garage is finally cleared out (somewhat) and boxes are folded up, and there is actually room for a car in the garage now. I didn't realize we had that much "junk" that we won't even miss. $400 worth to be exact. One dollar at a time. I'm still coming across stuff and thinking "I should have sold that!" My new motto is "Simplify!" Get rid of it if you don't use it or wear it. Unless it's pretty and too cute to give away, or your husband's aunt's mother-in-law made it for you in 1969. Some things are to be treasured. Now where did that hand-held fan go? You know, the one made in Japan "by hand by a little Japanese woman on the street" that was brought back by a friend as a souvenier to make you jealous that you didn't go. Precious memories. So precious you didn't even know you had it until you unpacked the boxes that had been packed up since your last move, 5 years ago.

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