Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MDBT -Day 1 Continued

After leaving the worst McDonalds in the world without getting sick (a true miracle), we decided to keep driving until we were tired. First, I had to call OnStar for directions and Mom, not realizing she was on speaker phone, announced she had a flea on her arm! Apparently South Carolina McDonalds give you free fleas with the purchase of a cheeseburger.

I had some points for a free night at a Choice Hotel because I was bribed by the manager of a Comfort Suites. Another story. The first CS we found had a guy working the window who asked me how many nights, and when I told him I wanted to use my points, he told me to call the 800 number, and walked away. I had never used points before, so I walked back to the car, called a really nice non-English speaking person and we had a great time trying to understand each other. Finally, he gave us a room at the Sleep Inn, in Florence, which was really nice, with a friendly staff and free breakfast. I even have points left over.
Maddie decided she was going to drink a 20 oz Mountain Dew before bedtime, and we all had a piece of mom's blackberry cream cheese cake she brought from home. A pretty good way to use up my extra Weight Watchers points from the week.
The hardest part of our day was figuring out how to flush the toilet.

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