Friday, July 13, 2012

Myrtle Beach Trip Day 2

We had a great breakfast at the Sleep Inn in Florence, mostly great because it was included. I tried to fill up on fruit so I could save my WW points for later. We saw a lady who works there (cleaning rooms) bring in her three small children so she could work, I thought that said a lot for the management here, and impressive that she would even do that. Now we were on our way to the beach. We arrived at the Holiday Inn Pavillion about ten o'clock. We we not able to check in, but went on down to the beach and rented some chairs and an umbrella for the three days. It was really hot, really windy, and the waves were strong. This area of the beach is covered with broken shells that were hard to walk on, kinda like walking on broken glass. This didn't stop mom and Tina from enjoying the water and the waves. Hopefully this video will give you a clue about the fun they had.

Our view of Pier 14 from the 7th floor. We tried to eat dinner there, but the wait was too long. Reviews were "just ok," so we skipped it. There was a lot of fishing going on out at the end of the pier, not sure how they could keep bait on the line with the waves so strong.

We ended up at the Beach House Bar and Grill across the street from the hotel. They have excellent outdoor seating, good for people watching. We watched several people indulge in a "fish bowl" drink, which is a small fish bowl filled with an adult beverage (or kids version if you so desire). If I had one of those, vacation would be officially over. 
I was so excited to order the fresh shrimp tacos until I took one bite and the guacamole was ROTTEN! UGH! I did eat the excellent fries and again used up my WW points, but wasn't hungry for anything else after the bad 'mole. The waitress took it off the ticket and told me she was sorry it didn't taste the way I thought it should. I'm not sure what she meant by that, and I know Cindy is saying "there's always so

Even though I had some bad guacamole, I would definitely eat here again. Tina's burger looked great and so did mom's fried shrimp appetizer and Maddie's Philly Steak n Cheese. The tea was weak, maybe I should have ordered a fish bowl and I wouldn't have cared  what the guacamole tasted like.

Seeing how much fun these two were having made this trip well worth it.
They are a lot of fun, and this is going to be a yearly outing. Let us know if you want to join us, the more the merrier. Next year - Panama City.

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