Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another Sunday Hop...Scavenger Hunt

Something Sweet
Almost ready for picking.


Stripes - and pale-chick-from-the-hills legs.

Dots...AKA soon to be blackberries free for the picking.

Tools...found on my camera.
Evidence that someone else in my house likes photography.

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Deanna said...

fun shots for the challenge...the "legs" reminded me of tan is from mid calf down, always have on capris, leaving the rest of the legs pasty white.

Donna Williams said...

Great shots! I have those same legs...even after a week at the beach!

Susan said...

Those legs I bet are tan by now. I like that take on stripes. The berries-I used to pick those with my grandmother. Have a great day.

Susan said... the name of your blog.

Patrice said...

Your stripes photo made me smile!

Kelly said...

Lol. Stripes made me laugh. And who doesn't love picking apples and berries!!!

Ida said...

Nice set. I really liked the Dots shot of the berries (blackberries are so yummy). Fun take for the Stripes shot, my legs are pretty pale too.

Anonymous said...

You and I had the same idea using berries as dots.. all very well done shots..