Monday, November 2, 2009

If nutrition is everything, I got nothin'

This is the first day of week 3 on the diet, and I am down a little over 5 pounds. The disappointing part is that those 5 pounds came off the first week (which is too much to lose in one week) and none came off this week. However, I am pretty sure I know what happened. I did keep track of my calories, but I was eating closer to 1200 that first week using app on my iPhone. Then someone turned me on to and I liked that app better, because it's prettier and has a few more features, like a water tracker (I hate water so this is a good reminder for me), and it suggests how many calories I should burn 3 times a week. It also gave me a few more calories a day, a range from 1450 to 1800. I think this is a little lenient for someone seriously trying to drop some weight. That's probably an ok number on days that involve exercise.
Another problem I had was working those 7 long days in a row. I found myself getting to work and not eating any breakfast and then was really hungry by lunchtime. This leads to eating more at lunch and dinner. Also, the choices were either fried (which I was able to avoid) or pasta (which I did not avoid). Somehow I think I may have underestimated my serving sizes on that - hey, don't judge me!
I missed several days of working out also. I have got to get a plan together for those work days, either before work or after, I have to do it. Especially now that I've been challenged to walk 90 miles in 30 days...I better get started, the challenger is already 7 miles ahead of me.

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