Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No Habits Here

Ok, so I've once again fallen off the exercise wagon. I don't know what I blame it on, except laziness. But really that's not it either, I'm not lazy when it comes to other activities like house work , yard work, or working at my job. I just hate exercise. Actually I hate to get started, but once I'm in the middle of the activity, I don't mind at all. This should be no excuse, because I see the results it can bring - longevity, better heart and bone health. Less depression.
Developing and keeping good habits has always been a problem for me. I have had good intentions when it comes to eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, reading my Bible every morning, doing continuing education on a routine basis, practicing the piano or mandolin. All of these things began with a full set of good intentions. It's like I can only do one thing at a time, this week I've done better with devotions and Bible reading. I've done a bit of piano. I can't remember the last fruit I ate. The last vegetables I had were cole slaw and fried corn! LOL
That's so sad, that someone in my position of giving others advice cannot stick to that advice herself.
Maybe I need to be one of those people that puts everything on a calendar and stick to it. Problem is, I choose to ignore the calendar :)
Today, I will put exercise on my calendar for 3 days over the next week. Daily exercise does not seem to work for me, I get burned out too easily. I will also put Bible study on my morning calendar, and maybe an email reminder from a site or two that has devotionals will get me back into the habit.

Update: I have worked out today and put "workout" on my calendar for every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We'll see how long it lasts. LOL


Selina said...

You sound like me. I think my trouble is/was trying to do everything at once and trying to do it perfectly. So I have been trying to pick one thing like bible study everyday or eating better, exercise you get the idea; and once I get that habit down pretty good then I start on another one. I made a list of all the things I want to do or improve on then I pick one to start with instead of the all or nothing approach I was doing. It seems to be working and I'm not nearly as stressed. My first one was to cut out sweet tea! lol I've learned to love water :)

patty said...

hello again!
find something you love... some like the gym; some are good independent exercisers... some like yoga and pilates... some kickboxing and step ;), some tennis, some evening walks, some dance classes. finding a friend to do it with, too, always helps. stick to it... takes 6-8 wks to develop a habit; one to loose it. why is that?