Saturday, January 9, 2010

Today's Goals

New Shoes always help...
It's early, so let's list the goal and at the end of the day, I'll let you know if I met them.
First goal: make a list of groceries that does not entirely consist of carbs. (update, made a list, got the grub).

Goal number two: make it to the gym. This is the challenging part. It's soooo cold outside and Jay, who is usually the one who works out all the time without a problem, is giving me excuses already today. Guess I'm on my own. (update: no gym but did work out at home with Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga, best DVD ever!)

Goal number three: to go out to dinner and not blow my calorie intake goal for the day : 1500. (update: not going out but we are having a nice steak and salad, my treat for hubby since he went to the grocery store). I finished the day just under 1300 calories, per my estimate and my Livestrong app for iPhone. This is the greatest little gadget. The other one, sparkpeople, is pretty good too but a little too "busy" for what I need.

Sometimes even when you don't meet your daily goals the way you intended, you can still meet your long term goals.

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kimber said...

UPDATE: I figure people are not that interested in what I eat, so I'll just post here for my own benefit until I have something more interesting to say. I worked out this morning, but I felt sluggish and weak. Probably due to not eating beforehand, and not drinking enough water. I made it through the biggest loser workout, but barely.
As for diet, I'm still doing well with that.