Friday, January 8, 2010

What Happened to My Size 8?

Caution: things behind you may be larger than they appear...or not!

Biscuits are forever has a new meaning now...

Today is a snow day and my first day home after 7 days of intense work, so I'm pretty much embarassed to even post, but we gotta report the bad with the good so here goes.
Diet recall for today - you guessed it, biscuits with butter and syrup! I know, Patty, all I could think of after eating them was sugar covered DOUGH. LOL. I did stop at 2, that's a plus. And I had fruit with one of them, AKA apple butter, the home made kind (made in the microwave, it's awesome!)

Lunch, nothing really, except a few bagel chips with a tablespoon or so of pimento cheese.

Dinner, very lean hamburger with smidgen of mayo and some sweet potato fries (baked).

Drink of the day: sweet tea (made with an excellent brand- PG TIPS with splenda)

Dessert will be my nightly mocha.

The only exercise I got today was playing the mandolin, my fingers are regaining their youthful shape. Oh, maybe scrubbing the large tub counts for some exercise - good for the arms.

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