Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Pig Chase

This is Jays {big} birthday weekend. We have plans today, I'll blog about that later, but for now let me tell you about our little trip to find some good BBQ.

I don't know what the big deal is, but it seems that BBQ joints are the destination of many "foodies," and "roadies." I assume I would fit into at least one of those categories, maybe both. I love food ( duh) and according to my dad, I love to keep the roads hot (this has worsened since we bought Pearl-our Mazda Miata).

So off we go! Heading north on 25E through Tazewell to Harrogate, TN. Turned right just on the other side of the Powell River Bridge. I believe it's the Powell River. Would only make sense.

Once we turned onto Powell River Road, the scenery went from wide open spaces (love those Dixie Chick songs, not so much in love with their politics, that's why they need to stick to music) to a narrow one lane paved road. The weeds and bushes could use some trimming-apparently the county workers don't get out this way much. Jay took care of a few branches when they whacked him upside the head as we had to get over in order to pass another vehicle ( or a goat).

In five miles or so ( after staying to the right every time the road splits) we saw the sign pointing the way to our destination:

Again, took a right. And less than a mile down a one lane dirt/gravel road I began to hear banjo music. Really.

The river views were beautiful when you could get a peek through the tall weeds. But
I'm thinking yes, I do know how to swim. But can I swim faster than a banjo player? Jay's not a very good swimmer, sorry honey, you've had a full and beautiful life.

There it is, coming into view. Stately, historical, authentic, classical. The aroma of roasted swine fills the air.

Heavy's BBQ and Canoe-good for escaping the banjo man.

We were greeted by a very playful slobbery dog who stuck his head inside the Miata to make sure we were ok for killin before he would let us exit the car.

(too freaked out to think about taking a picture until later).

So we went on in to the "lobby" area and the nice lady smiled and handed us a menu and two stirofoam cups and turned away. There was one other family sitting outside, so I asked " just sit anywhere?" she replied "yes." all this conversation was killing me!!
This other family was quite entertaining as their teen daughter decided she was going to play with the sweet puppy and he was so thrilled he started dragging her around by her arm! He thought he hit the bone jackpot!!

While waiting for our food and wondering if someone is going to put something in these cups, the river view was very nice. I don't think I've ever seen a river this calm. And stagnate/green.

So Sweetness comes to take our order and wonders why we have empty cups. I say something like we don't know the system here, and she brightens up and says " oh! You've never been here before?" apparently the don't get many new people out this way.
Anyhoo. The sweet tea (awesome) and other drinks were up front at a self-serve station. The food came and was above average BBQ with a sweet mild sauce. I prefer a little less sweet but it worth the drive and the immaculate surroundings. And the company of my sweet handsome husband. (had to say that since he's about to go down the river.)

Pork dinner.

There was no live music, but there were some old oldies -country music-that reminded me of childhood-there were songs I know my mom had on 8 track back in the 70s but I couldn't tell you who it was or song titles. As we were leaving (and hubs was checking out the restroom /marking his territory-as he always does), I asked her what CD was playing? She had no idea, it was Sirius Radio, but the song was called "Ten Little Bottles" by Johnny Bond; we stood there and giggled at the lyrics and the slurred speech of the singer as he sang "I don't like your bartenders here in Nashville, I'll tell you that; I sez to this guy 'give me something cold and full of gin;' he says 'take my wife.'"

At this point we end our conversation by talking about some locals that I know -and she knows both of them.So we headed back out to the parking lot, hoping we could find our car amongst all the others.

(actually this was taken before the other family left:))

The miniature goats had a parade just for us and told us to come back soon. That black one looks a lot like my schnauzer. Just sayin'.

Cherokee Lake welcomed us back with no questions asked.

Rating for Heavy's
Food 3.5 out of 5
Atmosphere 2
Friendliness of staff 4 ( eventually)
Go back? Yes -but only with a group.

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Simply Suthern said...

I love good BBQ and I love off the main road food joints. I dont mind a B rating if I can see the kitchen. The annual Fire Department BBQ here is great.

I posted about a Banjo moment in Tennessee a while back.

The old saying goes, You dont have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your friend. So swim Hubby swim.