Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crab Cakes

Ok, friends, it's time to share another boring cooking blog with you. Who knows, maybe you will venture out and try something new.

Crab cakes are a favorite around here, but I've been looking for the perfect mixture of ingredients. I think I've found it.
I'll bore you with a few details:

Start with 3 cans lump crab meat that you can find near the tuna in the grocery store. You will get two crab cakes per can. Do your own math and adjust as necessary. (Of course REAL
fresh crab meat is better but hard to come by in Morristown, Tennessee). I tried two kinds and I like the Bumble Bee brand better, it just looks better right out of the can. Besides, has anyone ever determined if that other brand is really chicken? If anyone knows Jessica
Simpson, ask her for me.

Strain the crab meat, if you don't they will be wet and nasty.

Add two green onions finely chopped. By the way, I bought four of these nifty little chopping mats at TJ Maxx for six bucks and I love them!

I like the flavor of this mix but if you use the whole thing it's too much breading, so use
only 1/4 cup ( or crush up some crackers instead.)

Add 2 tablespoons of this but if you are watching your sodium, use half or get low sodium, or leave it out, no big deal, it's just food.

I added a teaspoon (or three) of this to give it some kick. This is also a favorite of my guys.

And finally, add one incredible edible egg. If it is not edible I'm guessing this dish won't be very incredible.
Ok -mix all that together in a bowl and shape into patties. Pan fry over medium heat in a couple tbsp of peanut oil, about five minutes each side.

Now I'm not a fan of tartar sauce but I tried my own -pretty dang good: chop one green onion and one pickle -equal amounts and add DUKES mayo ( 2-3 tbsp) and CRYSTALS hot sauce( 1-2 tsp). This stuff is wonderful with these crab cakes or as a dip for Oreos . Just kidding, checking to see if you're still awake.
So add a couple veggies and there you have it ---

Those little lumpy balls are drop biscuits made from biscuit mix-great to have on hand and only takes ten minutes.



Simply Suthern said...

Having trouble finding Tennessee Blue crab??

I love good crab cakes. I go to a little hole in the wall resturant that has fair Krab Kakes.

I make my own tartar sauce occasionally. I am a bit lazy and use a dill pickle relish. But it has to be Dukes Mayo.

tamster said...

YUMMY! Thanks for sharing that! I bet people would pay for that kind of step by step instruction!

Candace said...

Those look really good and your instructions make them seem easy. Who knew?! I love a good crab cake. I have never seen Dukes Mayo though so maybe mine wouldn't be so fabulous if I tried them. Thanks for sharing your recipe!