Saturday, August 7, 2010

August Miata Drive

Headed down the highway without breakfast, only a Weigels coffee, Kona blend for me. Dark Roast for Jay.

A quick bath followed ( for Pearl, not me, I prefer a liitle more privacy)at the car wash.

We headed down 11E to the John Sevier Highway, then a left on 129. Once through Alcoa, we turned left onto The Dragon.
A very twisty road with lots of switchbacks, where lots of motorcyclists spend their weekends, attempting to "slay the dragon."
We were successful I suppose since it didn't slay us first.

There were these photographers along the road taking pictures to post on the Internet for sale. I haven't looked yet to see if we are out there in cyberspace somewhere.

It didn't take us long to figure out we needed sunscreen, it was getting hot by 1030.
This shot was taken on 129 before the twisties started.

This is Jay looking for some flowers...

To water. :)

This was a beautiful part of the drive ( not me, the lake).

I'm assuming this was one of the rockslides that kept the Dragon closed for so long.

Another shot by the lake. I love this man. He makes me look like I have some class, but we all know the truth.

This is the Daily Bread Cafe and Bakery in Robbinsville, NC.

Just look at all those delicious choices. I'm pretty sure this is a low carb bakery.

It took us a while to get seated, there was such a crowd, as you can see from all the busi-ness.

After our order had been placed, we sat in the room with the floor that was slightly uneven

And waited for the grill to warm up. It was only 1230 after all, they were not sure what was wrong. I suggested the "on" button, but they weren't taking suggestions today, that was yesterday.

I'm pretty sure this burger was the entertainment in the kitchen since I heard the cook say " hey-catch!" while she was cooking.

We gave thanks for the five second rule.

It's hard to mess up a fried bologna (baloney) sandwich. But the home fries were a little too potato-like as in raw.
Must rush taters since baloney is so quick. Who knew there was an art to timing foods to get done at the same time?

Ok so we left our cozy little cafe and admired the special touch on one of the front porch tables-a can of Rave hairspray. They thought of everything because the wind can sure mess your hair up when you're waiting on the grill to heat up.

From here we headed down the Cherahala Skyway from Robbinsville, NC to Tellico Plains, TN.
 The view from this 100 million dollar (yes that much) highway is blocked by overgrown foilage most of the way but we managed to take a photo or two that really do it more justice than it appeared on the drive.

One thing we did find was this uncanny likeness of Jay as a statue along the roadway. Amazing isn't it?

Does it get any bluer than this?
This is Bald River (yes, Jay I said RIver) Falls...view from the car (hence the reason for the attractive mirror in the photo).

 Ok, without the mirror, a more professional version of the iPhone photography genious.

Finally back in Morristown, with daylight left to spare. I left out the Olive Garden dinner but you've all seen that.

Almost 22 years later, we are still laughing. It all started with a hoitie-toitie lady and her doughnuts falling in the store where we both worked and the laughing has never stopped. Proof that God does use our shortcomings for good that snobby lady on her way to church that Sunday morning who was rude and crude to us had no idea that busting her arse on the grocery store floor would be the reason for the development of this relationship.


Candace said...

Great photos! I really enjoyed your post. It looks like you had a great time. Enjoy your Sunday, Candace

patty said...

i know i can always count on you to make me laugH! love the background- and your shots are beautiful... hope ya'll had a wonderful day, rave and all... ;)

anthony7 said...

Too cool. Thanks for the trip and hopefully you can steal that statue that looks like Jay, lol.