Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall in Greenville, SC

We looked for somewhere along the way to visit for a couple of nights since our Charleston reservations weren't until Sunday. An Internet search of southern towns to visit brought us to Greenville, SC. I have relatives in the area but have never visited...definitely a mistake. This town is beautiful. Since we have so many pics to share, this will be more of a photo blog, with a few notes thrown in.
So, what better place to start than Coffee Street. Notice the sign in the picture above? That's how the downtown area looks, very nice signs and trees, light posts, etc.

We were excited to see the Saturday morning market on Main Street... Right outside our door.

Peter Piper was here.

Real Italian women selling fresh made pasta and pizza dough-ready to cook or freeze by the pound.

Shrimp n grits... Enjoyed this while sitting in the morning sun at some sidewalk tables.

Don't forget this!!

A trip to the Mast General Store... Love that place! Had to pick up this shirt for some fellow coffee drinkers I know.

Lunch in (ok at) Guadalajara was really good.

This girl and her boots were getting some looks...remember it was a bit cool for bare legs -unless if you got it flaunt it ( while you still can).

Fish Tacos

Crab quesadilla -one of the best things I ate all week. And I ate a lot.

Suspension bridge... You can feel it sway as you walk across it.

It's huge!

Mr. Sexy -how did I get him?

This is the Hampton Inn where I want to stay next time, it's in the park area.

Ride the trolley from one end of Main street to the other -free.

Nothing like a little bongo drums and break dancing in the streets...

Cure for cold feet.

Beautiful night stroll through the park.

I definitely want to go back for the food tour. Who wants to go with me?


Simply Suthern said...

I have been to and thru Greenville a few times. I had no clue. I need to get off the main drag.

Candace said...

What a lovely vacation spot! I was just reading through this post and the previous one about Asheville. We saw the signs for Asheville when we were moving and really wanted to go visit. Driving a 26 ft truck towing a car made us change our minds. Greenville looks even better though! Real Italian women selling fresh pasta and dough?? Awesome! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. I must visit!

patty said...

oh, i would definitely go!! the food looks devine and i love that shot of the cure for cold feet! :)

Becky G said...

First of all, you visited at a better time than us. They weren't having the street fair. Second, the food pix look delicious, especially the fish tacos. Never tried those before. We'll have to get a few people together and go on a hike again! A little less steep this time because I have a lot more weight to pull than you, lol.