Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Future

My blogging seems to be going the way of my diet...and exercise...I just can't seem to be consistent at anything I do. How in the world have I stayed married for 22 years (to the same person-yes)?

I would like to blog about our Christmas and share all of our fun with you, but there are two reasons I can't do that yet:

1. I lost my cord that allows me to upload my pictures from my camera ( the one time I didn't take many with my iPhone).

2. I'm still waiting for the rest of Christmas.

You see, I'm from the sticks -aka STIX. Del Rio is a beautiful little place in the far-east (East Tennessee, that is), not far from Hot Springs, NC. I lived there until 5th grade, and my parents moved back there a few years ago. The road they live on is wide enough for one car, mostly gravel mixed with a little mud, and makes a circle at the top of the mountain; so in other words, its at the end of the road, the top o' the world, TIMBUKTU. It's also part of the Cherokee National Forest.

So what's the problem, you ask. The problem is getting there in 10 inches of snow!!! Waiting for the big meltdown.

Merry Christmas - Better Late Than Never!

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Simply Suthern said...

Sounds like a great place to be stuck.