Sunday, January 2, 2011

Low Carb

Since it's the beginning of a new year, I usually try to start out by making some healthy changes. I'm happy to say I stuck to a healthier diet for the most part last year, more than previous years. UNTIL the last couple of weeks of December, then I ate everything in sight it seemed. Diabetes runs in my family, so since I am not getting any younger or thinner as each year passes, I am trying to ward it off as long as I can.

If you or someone you know is diabetic, I'm sure you have seen all the conflicting information out there regarding diabetes. As a nurse practitioner, conversations with diabetics or pre-diabetics are a part of my day - every day. What I have found is:

1. diabetics are confused

2. too much information is bad sometimes

3. due to time constraints, there is no way to get into all the "details" of dieting.

How do I know who to believe, what to read, what to eat/not to eat? If you will follow a few simple rules, whether you are diabetic or just want to lose a few pounds, glucose levels will come down; and, even if they are not "normal," I'm sure you will see a major improvement in your energy level and lab results.

When I have 5 minutes to share with someone, I advise them to follow the "No White Diet"  In other words, if it starts out white and powdery (cocaine doesn't count), it will "run your sugar up" and cause you to deposit fat around your abdominal area. So what's considered "white?"



*corn meal



*potatoes (ok, they are not powdery but they ARE EVIL)

Remember, if it CONTAINS any of these ingredients, it's high-carb.

That means NO SODAS unless diet

No JUICE unless tomato or V8 vegetable (not the fruity kind) - fresh fruit is ok in moderation, but avoid over-doing it with the bananas. No canned fruit.

If you eat bread, limit it to one or two slices of very high fiber bread : I like this one:


The good news: EGGS are white and they are ok - eat up! Try an omelet made with your favorite cheese and salsa, or do what I did and stuff it with your left-over New Year's Eve Spinach Artichoke dip - Amazing!

I will post more of these notes and low carb ideas if anyone is interested. Feedback is welcome.

Here's a link to a reputable medical journal research study in case you are interested:

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patty said...

hm?? going to check that out! oh! i remember-the link on carbs! neat, kim!

Candace said...

I'm interested! Please continue?!