Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mountain Memories Part 2

The Cabin

Let's take a little trip...

 Let's go back in time a bit. The Little Moore Cabin was built around or before 1885 by my great grandfather's brother, Lloyd Moore. It looked something like this photo, which was taken in the early 1970's. During this time, I was just a few years old, and lived here until I was 4. Before that, my mom lived here with her parents and three brothers. You can only appreciate after I get you the measurements. It was pretty cramped.

Since that time, my mom's brother, Ronald, and his family lived there in the mid-late 70's, then it was empty until my dad and mom remodeled it in the mid to late 90's. They lived there for a couple years while they built a larger log home just behind it. 

This is the Little Moore Cabin today. As you can see, the front porch has been replaced, and as I will show you in future posts, it has been totally redone, with the logs being just about the only thing left of the original structure.

This is an old road going through the property. About the only vehicles that pass through here now are tractors and 4-wheelers. This area keeps my dad busy when gets bored. He spent a lot of time here last year clearing out an old dump (old washers/dryers/etc that people had dumped here). He has also made 3 big stacks of brush/wood that will make an awesome bonfire at some point. Get your wieners ready!
Just a few cows you'll spot along the way. This is about a mile away, on some property owned by my dad's side of the family.

The Bailee Bush...this beautiful bush came up after my neice, Bailee, put it down into some dirt while my dad was working in the garden. He just left it there and now it's there and reminds us of her every time we see it.

I hope you've enjoyed this little trip to the mountains.


Anonymous said...

That was really a delight. I guess my spa will be kin to your hot tub.

You always have a place to visit and you know it.

I really like your blog.

Bob S.

Anonymous said...

Kim, I enjoyed reading your stories and especially the of the log cabin. Did not know you grew up in Del Rio. It's a small world!

Kim said...

I lived in Del Rio until I was ten, and moved to White Pine. Mom and dad moved back a few years ago.